Unicode to FMAbhaya Converter

Unicode (යුනිකෝඩ්)

FMAbhaya (අභය)

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Updated 9th September, 2018: Added support for ඏ, ඐ and ඦු characters.
Updated 23rd October, 2020. Fixed bug with character ​ඳෙ. Thank you SRIshanu
Updated 17th January, 2022. Fixed bug with character යෞ. Thank you Chamuditha Malindu.
Last Updated 19th December, 2022. Fixed bug with character ශ්‍රේ. Thank you Ishan Kazthuri.

Modified for FMAbhaya by Malinthe Samarakoon
Originally Created by LTRL - University of Colombo School of Computing

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